Comment Policy

Restricted topics

Some topics are restricted to threads dedicated to them specifically, and are not permitted outside those threads. This is usually because they have a tendency to derail or take over discussion; the restriction of a topic to a dedicated thread is not to be interpreted as a judgement of the value of that topic.

The current list of restricted topics and their threads is:

This list may be extended as required.

General Comments Policies

No playground insults or namecalling. Intentionally misusing people's names will be treated as this.

Proselytization will be deleted in the absence of substantial on-topic contribution. Likewise, repetitive posting of copy-pasted content, whether repeated from here or from some other site, is not allowed.

No casual discriminatory language or content (racism, sexism, etc.).

There is no requirement for a real name on comments, though a Disqus account is currently required (no guest posting). However, using multiple accounts in a misleading way will result in a ban.

Please try and keep discussions in the comments at least slightly related to the topic of the post. Unrelated matters can be raised in an open thread. Moderation matters or meta-discussion must be kept to the moderation thread or the open thread, as applicable.

Legal threats will be deleted and the poster banned.

Making demands on the site owner, misrepresenting the actions of the site owner, or unfairly blaming the site owner for problems accessing the site will result in warnings or banning.

The moderator's discretion applies at all times.


Comments considered inappropriate will generally elicit a warning in the form of a posted followup. The offending comment may or may not also be removed at that time, at the moderator's discretion.

Any action taken that goes further than a posted warning will be summarized on the moderation actions thread, and any disagreement, appeal, etc. should be kept to that thread.

The moderator will NOT:

  • delete comments in bulk or indiscriminately, but only after individual review of each offending comment
  • edit the content of comments (formatting that causes problems may be fixed or removed, and problematic media links may be removed)