Monday, 24 October 2016

Price / Ehrman debate thread

On October 21 there was a debate on the historicity of Jesus between Bart Ehrman (for historicity) and Robert Price (against), hosted by Mythicist Milwaukee.

I did not see the debate, but some reactions are starting to appear online, so I thought I'd collect links here:

Vridar has writeups on Ehrman's opening and Price's opening.

James McGrath has his own thoughts and also participated in a post-debate discussion, though Vridar points out a howler of McGrath's.

Aged Reasoner at Freethought Blogs.

Added: René Salm responds at Mythicist Papers.

Added: Richard Carrier's response.

Added: Roger Viklund has a post, unfortunately it is in Swedish; Google Translate link.

Added: Vridar also has a links page.

Anyone have any more links? I'll update the post as needed.